Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Better Red Than Debt? [Preview: Dragon Day]

Trailer for Dragon Day starring Ethan Flower

Spare this film a thought: obviously intended to be science fiction but it could become a documentary in the next 24 hours as the U.S. prepares to hit the debt ceiling... Movies are one way to take a nation's pulse and if nothing else this trailer does indicate just how much the U.S. is currently in fear of China.

Monday, 14 October 2013

The Young Adult Science Fiction Drinking Game

The protagonist is an adolescent or young adult woman (drink) who lives in a walled city state (drink). All decisions are made by a council of elders (drink), and a rigid and extreme two-tier caste system (drink) is enforced by fascist police (drink). The protagonist is an outsider from the lower caste (drink) who feels insecure (drink) and alienated from her peers (drink) but is insanely loyal to them (drink). She also has an extremely rare skill or innate talent such as a sense of direction (drink) and may have some secret connection to the upper caste (drink).

Our protagonist is sent on a voyage of discovery into upper-caste territory (drink) where she discovers that there might be traitors amongst the lower caste (drink) and also meets a member of the upper-caste who is cute (drink). The meeting is accidental and there is clumsiness (drink). This challenges her stereotypes about rich people (drink) but they both have to learn to trust each other (drink).

Back in lower caste territory the protagonist must rally support from people who previously hated her (drink) prove to them that upper-caste people are still human and can be trusted (drink) and lead a revolution (drink) in which both castes unite to overthrow the ruling council and/or discover the secret beyond the walls (drink only if both apply) – only then can she truly relax and allow herself to be clumsy in a cute way with her upper-caste partner (drink).