Book Reviews

Harm - Brian Aldiss
Hothouse - Brian Aldiss

Ship Breaker - Paulo Bacigalupi
Slabscape: Reset - S. Spencer Baker
Twisted Metal - Tony Ballantyne
Look To Windward - Iain M. Banks
Transition - Iain Banks
Jennifer Government - Max Barry
The Metalmark Contract - David Batchelor
Coalescent - Stephen Baxter
Evolution - Stephen Baxter
The Long Earth - Stephen Baxter / Terry Pratchett
Laugh Lines - Ben Bova
The Squares Of The City - John Brunner
NASA And The Crisis Aboard Mir - Bryan Burrough

The Lost Fleet: Dauntless - Jack Campbell
Brothers Of Earth - C. J. Cherryh
Rimrunners - C. J. Cherryh
Rate Me Red - Richie Chevat
Curtain - Agatha Christie
Chromosome 6 - Robin Cook
Seizure - Robin Cook
Next - Michael Crichton

The Blue Girl - Charles De Lint
The Man In The High Castle - Philip K. Dick
Lifeboat - Gordon Dickson and Harry Harrison

Blind Faith - Ben Elton

Moonraker - Ian Fleming
1812: The Rivers Of War - Eric Flint
The Black Ship - Diana Pharaoh Francis

Outliers - Malcolm Gladwell

The Dreaming Void - Peter F. Hamilton
The Temporal Void - Peter F. Hamilton
A Kiss Of Shadows - Laurel K. Hamilton
Mr. Happy - Roger Hargreaves
The Stainless Steel Rat - Harry Harrison
Dune - Frank Herbert
The Unit - Ninni Holmqvist
Slam - Nick Hornby
Black Brillion - Matthew Hughes
Brave New World - Aldous Huxley

The Secret Eater- Ros Jackson
The Guerilla Filmmaker's Blueprint - Chris Jones

Cujo - Stephen King
Just After Sunset - Stephen King
Under The Dome - Stephen King
False Memory - Dean Koontz

The Lathe Of Heaven - Ursula Le Guin
The Left Hand Of Darkness - Ursula Le Guin

Me Cheeta - James Lever
A Man Of Parts - David Lodge
The Night Watch (Nochnoy Dozor) - Sergei Lukyanenkov

Tuf Voyaging - George R. R. Martin
The DV Rebel's Guide - Stu Maschwitz
The Host - Stephenie Meyer
King Rat - China Mieville
Perdido Street Station - China Mieville
The Scar - China Mieville
Un Lun Dun - China Mieville
Speed Of Dark - Elizabeth Moon
Vatta's War: Trading In Danger - Elizabeth Moon
Vatta's War: Moving Target - Elizabeth Moon
Vatta's War: Engaging The Enemy - Elizabeth Moon
Vatta's War: Command Decision - Elizabeth Moon
Vatta's War: Victory Conditions - Elizabeth Moon
In The Blink Of An Eye - Walter Murch

Nemesis - Bill Napier
Lord Of The Changing Winds - Rachel Neumeier
Her Fearful Symmetry - Audrey Niffenegger
Tarnsman Of Gor - John Norman

Delirium - Lauren Oliver

The Nets Of Space - Emil Petaja
The Colour Of Magic - Terry Pratchett
The Dark Side Of The Sun - Terry Pratchett
Moving Pictures - Terry Pratchett
Strata - Terry Pratchett

Dark Entries - Ian Rankin
Chasm City - Alastair Reynolds
The Prefect - Alastair Reynolds
Revelation Space - Alastair Reynolds
The Years Of Rice And Salt - Kim Stanley Robinson
The Casual Vacancy - J. K. Rowling
The Sheriff of Yrnameer - Michael Rubens

Superpowers - David Schwartz
Me Talk Pretty One Day - David Sedaris
What Happened To The Indians - Terence Shannon
The Wooden Spaceships - Bob Shaw
Only Forward - Michael Marshall Smith

Mortal Mischief - Frank Tallis
Wormwood - G.P. Taylor
There Goes The Galaxy - Jenn Thorson

Finch - Jeff Vandermeer

Day Of The Locust - Nathanael West