Thursday, 28 August 2014

Broken Bird music video shoot day 2

Over two days we shot visuals for "Broken Bird" and "Nocturnal." The challenge for this project will be to bring out the strong characters and personalities, fantastic or mythical elements of Ariel's songs. 
For "Nocturnal" we were able to shoot in gorgeous forest and garden locations.

Preparing for an action sequence in the forest.

Meanwhile work continues on the animated elements for "Broken Bird."

You can find out more about Ariel Undine and listen to her music on her website here.

Sunday, 24 August 2014

Broken Bird music video shoot day 1

Project: two back-to-back music videos for songs by Ariel Undine. This project has been in top secret planning for over a year so it feels good to finally get it into production.

Mobile music video studio mark 1

Mobile music video studio mark 2

Ariel in action. Weather and conditions were perfect and the sheep at the other end of the field behaved themselves (probably star struck...)

Not everything went to plan: what's the difference between an improvised blue screen and a kite? Turns out, no difference at all.

One does not simply walk into Somerset.

You can listen to Ariel Undine's music on her website here:

Sunday, 17 August 2014

Kinetic Typography Double Bill

Two inspiring masterpieces of kinetic typography:
"From Paper To Screen" a short film by Thibault de Fournas about typography and the evolution of the cinema title sequence.

"Shop Vac" a lyric video for a song by Jonathan Coulton, animated by Jarrett Heather.

You can watch my lyric video for John Anealio's song "Steampunk Girl" here.