The Sci-Fi Gene
Joshua Westbury, London UK

About me

I am a London-based filmmaker, animator and science fiction enthusiast. I created The Sci-Fi Gene blog in 2008 as a way to bring my interests together, make connections and take a few more of my projects to completion.

Review Policy

This is a personal blog. Most of the reviews you read here are self-selected. I have chosen to share books or films that I've enjoyed, or that have taught me something, or occasionally because in blogging, you know, one thing just leads on to another.

I do accept submissions for review. Please don't send me your book yet (fail) but feel free to e-mail and tell me what is so different about your sci-fi or fantasy novel: most likely it will be the mind-blowingly original concept that will draw me in. Kindle e-book format is preferred for ARCs. I reserve the right to choose not to review your novel however nicely you ask me, and while you've probably noticed I tend to take a positive spin on things, I reserve the right to criticise on occasion.

I am perfectly happy to review self-published novels but they must obey the Three Laws of Self Published Novels:

1. They must have had an editor. Who is real. And not imaginary.

2. YOU are NOT the editor.

3. YOUR MOTHER is NOT the editor. Grandmothers will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

That is all.