My Short Films

Showreel 2012

Music Videos

Broken Bird (Ariel Undine)

broadcast @ On The Verge (Latest TV) Episode 38, December 2015
screened @ Kino London Jan 20th 2016
to be screened @ Selby Film Festival July 30th 2016

Steampunk Girl (John Anealio)

screened @ Kino London July 7th 2014
screened @ London Independent Film Festival 19th April 2015
Winner International Music Video, London Independent Film Festival 2015
to be screened @ St. Albans Film Festival 2nd May 2015

2007 (Tenderstar)

screened @ Kino London 30th November 2011
screened @ Rotoreliefs 30th January 2012
screened @ London Independent Film Festival 18th April 2012
screened @ Wanstead & Woodford Cine & Video 29th June 2012

Soupremacy (David Novan)

screened @ Kino London 14th September 2012
screened @ Braine Hownd 6th November 2012
screened @ Showreel 28th November 2012
screened @ MovieBar 3rd December 2012

Let's Go (Tenderstar)

Thus Spoke Venter (Tenderstar)

Drop Your Shoulder (Tenderstar)

Short Films

We Can Get You Some Really Cheap Gear

screened @ Kino London March 1st 2012
screened @ Rotoreliefs March 26th 2012
Kino London Film of the Week April 15th 2012
screened @ Moviebar June 4th 2012
screened @ Smoke Yourself Slim July 4th 2012
screened @ Portobello Pop-Up Cinema July 20th 2012
FILMSshort Summer Competition Finalist July 2012
screened @ Braine Hownd Sept 4th 2012
screened @ A Voyage Through Animation Sept 16th 2012
screened @ Tight Shorts Film Club Feb 26th 2013
screened @ St. Albans Film Festival March 9th 2013
screened @ Shortz June 2nd 2013

Once Upon A Time In Lapland

Kino Challenge
screened @ Kino London December 1st 2011

Last Zombie Standing

Movieum 48hr Zombie Film Competition 2009
screened @ Walthamstow Short Film Club 28th October 2011
screened @ Kino London 12th January 2012
screening @ Croydon International Film Festival 25th October 2014

Reply To All (in post-production)

Video from successful Kickstarter campaign

Bast (in post-production)


Early Films

The Banned Book Vlog Project - Brave New World

Collaboration with Lovy Boheme

Too Much Too Soon

Sci-Fi London 48 Hour Competition 2009

Human Touch

Guardian YouTube Competition 2008

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