Saturday, 14 December 2013

It's Big - And It's Full Of Stars! [Reply To All]

A big thank you to everyone who pledged support for Reply To All and helped us reach our target! We are currently working towards a final version of the script and planning rehearsals and the shoot in January - we have a lot to do if we're going to do the script justice. More updates to follow soon...

Sunday, 8 December 2013

Audition Video [Reply To All]

Tracey Pickup, who will star as Becki in Reply To All - clips from audition video.

The Reply To All fundraising campaign is in it's final 6 days. Thanks to the generosity of those of you who have already backed us, and to those of you who have been spreading the word, so far we have raised £2,000 in pledges but still have some way to go: the clock is ticking and, under Dragon's Den Kickstarter rules, we will only receive the funds pledged if we reach our goal. Please check out our campaign here and, if you like the idea of Reply To All then please consider backing us. And of course please get in touch if you'd like to know anything about the film or the campaign.

A selection of the rewards available to backers: but check out the campaign for the full list.