Saturday, 20 March 2010

Filmmaking In Three Acts: Act I [Review: Guerilla Filmmaker's Movie Blueprint]

The way to learn filmmaking is to make a film. However when I'm planning a film or stuck at any part of the process I tend to turn to a small number of moviemaker bibles: this article is the first of three book reviews. The first bible is The Guerilla Filmmaker’s Movie Blueprint byChris Jones. This large book covers each role on a film crew, e.g. scriptwriter, producer, director, caterer, lights, sound, editor etc. It’s written for filmmakers at three different low-budget levels each with a different sized crew and covers the whole process from concept and script to mastering and distribution. It’s more broad than deep, but as it is so comprehensive it’s an excellent reference, and really helped me to grasp the basics.

Author Chris Jones worked on the feature Urban Ghost Story with director Genevieve Jolliffe. I'm waiting to receive my copy of this film which was generally well received.

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