Monday, 13 July 2009

Late Night Double Feature Picture Show

While no-one was looking, most of the 48 Hour Film Challenge entries have been uploaded to This gives me an opportunity to share two more of my favourite humorous entries - one clearly inspired by The Office, the other simply inspired.

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City State
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Molly said...

Darth Vader and the kettle! Hooray!

Well done on finding those two; I've just been trying to search the Daily Motion site for This Is... and Too Much Too Soon, and if they are anywhere on that site, they are very well hidden.

Sci-Fi Gene said...


No, they're definitely not uploaded yet. Maybe that's why there hasn't been a publicity drive yet either... ;)

Billy Abbott said...

We've got 40 of them up and gathered in a playlist off of the SFLtv page, but we've still got a couple to sort out.

"This Is..." is up on YouTube, not sure why it's not got up on DM yet...