Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Stars In Their Skies

“2007” was shown at Rotoreliefs on 30th January. I really enjoyed the other shorts on the programme, several of which had been made for competitions, and all but one of which had been made for peanuts. Hard to pick a favourite from such different films but I loved the documentary based on the idea of releasing balloons with messages: a simple but totally unique concept, and some amazing shots. I learned a lot from joining in the Q&A panel afterwards – not least that there are people who spend even less than me on their films! As far as “2007” goes, I’d expected questions on how we’d approached the video or where the ideas had come from, but apart from the budget question I was asked about the technical side of how we’d set up the bluescreen: I'm planning to do a tutorial on this shortly. Thanks to the organizers for a great night, particularly for the chance to meet like-minded filmmakers.

Today I didn't have the heart to delete Default Cube...

Meanwhile production continues on the stop motion short “We Can Get You Some Really Cheap Gear” which is due to be screened next week - provided it’s finished on time! Dialogue was recorded this evening by a small crew of extreme voice talent, and while there’s still one more scene to animate and a few changes to make to the edit, everything’s on track for now.

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