Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Brighton Run

Short film nights come and go, but MovieBar in Brighton has been running continuously for about six years. It takes place monthly, upstairs at the Caroline of Brunswick, in a neighbourhood where even the local graffiti artists have a sci-fi sensibility.

In addition to “We Can Get You Some Really Cheap Gear” the line-up on 4th June included a Molly Brown double bill of “May Be Side Effects” and “How To Get A Flat Stomach Instantly,” Jim Scott’s brilliant robots 'n' rednecks music video “Purity Of Heart” by Pearson, and Natalie Smith’s extremely dark “Shed.”

You can read about the full line-up here.


Maurice Mitchell said...

Local small theaters are great. Robots on rowboats. LOL

Sci-Fi Gene said...

And I'm officially boycotting Iron Man from this moment on.