Friday, 4 January 2013

L33T! [Elite: Dangerous]

Congratulations to David Braben and Frontier: the Elite Dangerous campaign has reached home base, smashed both stretch goals and broken the record for the highest successful Kickstarter target, and is about to close having raised one and three-quarter million pounds of startup cash. Along the way a whole shelf of Elite universe novels have also been successfully launched and a new form of meta-funding invented, and LBC presenter Julia Hartley-Brewer was rendered speechless at the suggestion Elite Dangerous might prove to be more fun than a slinky. So now David you have no excuse: go and write the damn game.

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Janene said...

Kickstarter is such a neat concept. A lot of cool things have gotten off the ground due to them and I've participated as a backer once or twice. That game looks awesome, too. I'll have to check it out once it comes out.