Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Roxë15 Kickstarter

I'm posting this Kickstarter video link for a filmmaker friend who is making this film because she wants to see more diverse casting in the movies - in this case more black African-American faces, without resorting to the stereotypical supporting roles they often play, and who is (like me) very much in love with the concepts of science fiction. Roxë15 is a short cyberpunk film about a computer programmer battling a virus. The raw footage is already in the can and hopefully you'll agree after watching the kickstarter that it's already looking stylish and intriguing. The campaign is to fund postproduction and get this film audience-ready.

I think that the point about lack of diversity in mainstream cinema is well made. You can find out more about what this film is trying to achieve over at Kickstarter or on the Roxë15 Facebook page here.


Maurice Mitchell said...

I love this idea and just donated and tweeted it. Great stuff Gene. It's already over $1,000!

Sci-Fi Gene said...

Let's hope they make it - I'm sure your support is appreciated.