Thursday, 7 November 2013

Disaster Movie Competition [Reply To All]

Ever had a REPLY TO ALL disaster? 

Were you able to save the day?

Please share your story with us:
Share the pain, spread the love.

We will select the 10 best stories, with the winners receiving an exclusive RTA-branded T-Shirt.

End of competition: 10th November 2013 at midnight (London, UK time)

The Reply To All Team x


Maurice Mitchell said...

I might enter. We had a reply to all at work that almost crashed the email server.

Sci-Fi Gene said...

I am old enough (just) to have been in university when e-mail was still new. We regularly had whole system crashes brought on by a combination of reply-to-all e-mails and automatic vacation reply messages which would start bouncing back and forth between addresses. Ah happy days...