Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Steampunk Girl (John Anealio) - Lyric Video

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"Steampunk Girl"
from Laser Zombie Robot Love by John Anealio
(C) John Anealio 2012

Features the Steampunk Girl artwork by Len Peralta

Animation (C) Joshua Westbury 2014
With thanks to the Blender Foundation


Maurice Mitchell said...

It's got a funky retro feel John. Thanks for the email. I'll feature it next week!

Sci-Fi Gene said...

Thanks Maurice!

TJ Lubrano said...

Ah that was fun to see! :) Must have taken you quite some time to edit? For some reason I want to watch Back To The Future now haha.

Sci-Fi Gene said...

Thanks TJ! and yes, took some time but was a blast to make.

I wonder why Back To The Future sprung to mind then... not that you need an excuse to watch it again. Back To The Future 3 does get a bit steampunk in places.