Thursday, 5 March 2009

Greatest Hits

Two more meteorite-based dramas:

Meteor was an original meteorite disaster movie and follows the formula of interwoven survival stories. Unlike the two more recent films most of the action is set on Earth, although the opening sequence is of a Skylab-like space mission that goes badly wrong. With no hi-tech CGI and with fairly generic special effects, the film really relies on it's cast (lead by Sean Connery) and script and there's a lot of action, tension, brow-mopping and increasing sartorial damage as the film progresses.
The Last Train was an underrated terrestrial TV series about a meteorite impact in the UK - survivors, accidentally cryogenically suspended in a railway carriage (don't ask) wake up to an England gone feral and have to search for signs of civilisation while fending off attacks by stray dogs. Again, as this is a very low-tech production, it relies on its' ensemble cast, including a particularly noteworthy performance by Amita Dhiri.

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