Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Primevalgate: Series 3 opener

An ancient Egyptian artefact with misunderstood hieroglyphics, containing the key to travel through the space-time anomalies... did the new Primeval episode on Saturday remind you of anything too?

I was wondering where Primeval would go after the straightforward time-travel stories from series 1 and the alternate universe or changed timeline of series 2. Where it's going, it seems, is Stargate. It turns out the ancient Egyptians knew how to manipulate or at least anchor the anomalies, and the creatures travelling through them were worshipped as gods. A new team member arrives - Laila Rouass' archaeologist/mythologist Sarah Page, and this suggests future episodes will explore the possibility that time-travelling prehistoric creatures underlie other myths and legends. Hopefully they haven't blown the series budget on episode one where the prehistoric menace-of-the-week soundly trashes the Royal Festival Hall.

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