Monday, 6 April 2009

Post apocalypse

I gather it's traditional for these film competitions to end with a rush for the finish line. I'd like to say it feels a bit like a marathon but then I've never run a full marathon, so unlike this person I may not be in a position to make that comparison.

I think we finished in entirely appropriate style, after two of us spent the last night editing and compositing, we discovered with less than an hour to the deadline that we don't seem to be able to export the film. Cue much angst, and a real, tense dash across London trying to get the film off the computer and get back to the Apollo cinema for the drop-off. Perhaps one of these would have helped...

Thanks to some really helpful people in Pret and KallKwik we dashed across London with a DVD and made the drop-off with minutes to spare! and since then I've got back in touch with all that tiredness I'd been storing up so it's a bit of a blur now. I vaguely remember being given some book and DVD giveaways and spouting gibberish to the festival documentarists. It's a good feeling to have finished and we could easily have been foiled by those last minute tech difficulties.

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