Monday, 13 April 2009

Reheats Fat Worms?

Like a swarm of, well, Swarm, Planet of the Dead has swept across the UK - an enjoyable if fairly lightweight Doctor Who special with Michelle Ryan (as Tomb Raider-style aristocratic thief Lady Christina Blakeley), and Lee Evans (as a bumbling UNIT professor) both leaving their subtle heads at home. This wasn't so much a plot as a series of cool visual concepts (the 200 bus stranded on an alien desert, the approaching Swarm, the crashed Tritovore spaceship).

The next special, The Waters of Mars (anagram) may strike a more sinister note. Prophecies in Planet of the Dead, hints in Tennant's recent interviews and the trailer all point to something ominous on the way - here's hoping. Like the title - sadly it doesn't imply that John Carpenter is directing...

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