Saturday, 9 October 2010

Digital Scavengers!


Lifting Me Up's Digital Scavenger Hunt coincided with a visit to Birmingham. Check out these other Digital Scavengers who will also be posting photos on the same themes over the next few days:

Lifting Me Up


Photography by Hank Plumley

Joocy Bits & Wotnots

Water Cooler, The

Soul Energy

Pink Dandy Chatter

The Sci-Fi Gene

Kent Today & Yesterday

Be Your Own Detective

Jerome Aoustin Photography


Life, The Universe...

Click 'N Light

[update 12.10.10: final list of participants with direct links to their scavenger hunt photos]


Glen / Kent Today and Yesterday said...

I like your one for "smile" :-)


Kent Today & Yesterday

ms said...

fantastic photographs! i like the 'funny' one

Antonia Blanca said...

Fantastic job, Sci-Fi Gene!! My favorite is funny! Very cool photos! Thanks for participating!!!


Dyeve said...

Great and stunning shots indeed. Of course capturing the moment is a tricky thing to do;the right place, right time..

So, for me is hard to decide.I like them, all. Mas o menos the first one becouse is scalped and Pent brothers would be upset to see it like this. :P
My favourite
Concrete, I choose "Concrete".

PS_I know that sometimes I'm too critical.. I'm just really not sure why I am doing this or how I can change it but I can't never stop myself to spell the

Hank said...

Smile is a great shot ! Love it.

Nice selection.

Sci-Fi Gene said...

Thanks for all of your comments & favourites :D ... and especially to Antonia for the inspiration!

Barry said...

Interesting for sure - funny is a good one, but is it (funny)?

Funkkeejooce said...

Wow, interesting interpretations of the digital scavenger themes. You've certainly taken this to a next level. I can't decide what I like best. All of them are stunning. You certainly have a great eye for detail. Excellent job!


FreakSmack said...

What is that in confusion?

Great job... I like the concrete the best.

Pink Dandy Chatter said...

I love your autumn picture! Very cool!

Sci-Fi Gene said...

Thanks again for all your comments, I had a lot of fun with the scavenger hunt. By the way I've been checking out the other entries and you should too, dear reader.

@FreakSmack: I took a lot of these pictures at the ThinkTank in Birmingham which is big on steam engines, robots and other cool stuff in full working order. Confusion is a machine for making buttons that was hideously complicated.

@Barry: that's a view of the Selfridges building in Birmingham - and yes, it is.

@Glen: I'm now wishing I'd entered with camcorder clips instead of stills, particularly for the owl who you will just have to imagine doing the robot dance.

Jérôme Aoustin said...

I like your photographs a lot. There's a clear style behind them. Smile elicits emotions. My favorite is funny, but I also fail to understand how it is funny (?) said...

Hi SciFi, Cool photos! I like the ones with the machinery in them...and the futuristic looking 'funny'. --Great job =)

Sci-Fi Gene said...

Thanks again @Jerome and ... wow, I just checked both your pictures out and they are amazing.

On the topic of the "funny" Selfridges building: I could say "funny" has two meanings, perhaps only one of them came across although I intended both.

Theresa H Hall said...

Oh! Poor, poor owl!