Monday, 11 October 2010

Dolly Golightly [Skateboard Dolly Part II]

You can read Part I of this blog here.

The base for the skateboard dolly is two sheets of 12mm plywood bolted together. You need something to hold the tripod in place - I've used furniture coasters.
I reversed the direction of the wheel bolts for better spin. The wheel trucks have to be positioned accurately so they keep the rails parallel. For this step you will need : one Doctor Who Series Three box set and one Woody Allen box set.Welcome to the future of high-tech filmmaking.
First test run footage:

OK. Runs smoothly except for wobbles where the pipes join - at the moment I only have very loose joining plugs for them (next on the to do list.) The wheels are completely silent, track is self straightening and there's no lateral roll.


SofiaGian said...

How long did this take to make?

SofiaGian said...

P.S - Check out this website for photos of people building their own rigs - dollies - steadycams - cranes etc...

Sci-Fi Gene said...

Hi Sofia! It took about five evenings over a couple of weeks. It's not too difficult a project - would have been quicker but there was a lot of trial and error and several extra trips to B&Q as I'd bought the wrong length woodscrews etc.

Thanks for the link :D - I've found some similar sites but not that one & there are some great ideas there, I might try some of them next year.