Monday, 27 September 2010

Hello Dolly! [Skateboard Dolly Part I]

It's time to upgrade the Sci-Fi Gene standard package: starting with the camera department. There are three options, any of which should improve some aspects of film quality.

1. Invest in the latest semi-professional HD camcorder for higher resolution, better image quality and all the latest built-in features.

2. Build or buy a camera rig, matte box and French shutters and 35mm adapter device to enhance the capabilities of the current camera with professional lenses and filters.

3. Sign up for a camera operator training course to learn how to get the best from existing equipment.

As you can see here I chose option 4.

The next project is a track and dolly system. I've based mine on a design featured in The Guerilla Filmmaker's Blueprint by Chris Jones, reviewed here, but there are variants of this design all over the internet. The base will be made from two 96cmx60cmx12mm sheets of plywood.

Building the wheel trucks: 8mm holes on each side of the bracket for the wheel bolts, 4mm holes on the corner for woodscrews. 8mm bolts for the wheels were cut to required length.

On each side of the bracket: bolt, nut, 2 x washer, 54mm skateboard wheel with two bearings, 2 x washer, nut.

Wheel trucks are screwed to wood blocks which can in turn be screwed to the base and easily repositioned if needed.

To be continued...


Dyeve said...

It looks very interesting, and if I have more time available I would probably be enrolled in one of just pointed above...Until then I'm satisfied with watching.. :P

When I sow the title of this post I thought to Barbra Streisand @ Louis Armstrong in "Hello Dolly" ( nice movie...smiles)

Wishing you the Best and Good Luck!

Sci-Fi Gene said...

Thanks Dyeve! It seems we bloggers are a creative lot (or maybe we just want to show off our creations) whether it's dressmaking or DIY.

SofiaGian said...

Did you actually make it?

Sci-Fi Gene said...

@Sofia: almost! I just need one more trip to the DIY store and one or two more evenings to finish it. I want it running smoothly by the end of the month for my next project (a music video.)

SofiaGian said...

RED ONE - Luke Skywalker?

P.S - When do I get to see your films?

Sci-Fi Gene said...

LOL! Red One is a very high spec digital cine camera, possibly the best on the market at the moment. I've seen it in action and it's so full of awesomeness it needs three people to stop it floating away...

There's a link to my YouTube channel on the sidebar, you can see some of my films there :)