Sunday, 5 September 2010

Videolog Heaven

Two cool vlogs for you today. Natalie Tran, communitychannel, is absolutely my favourite on the YouTube comedy scene. She's my twin sister separated at birth - she has to be, there's no other explanation for our identical sense of humour. See? Here she tackles realism or otherwise in hacker movies, something I mentioned in my review of Antitrust.

Blogger and vlogger Lovy Boheme is "a gal who has dedicated her life to the written word." When she's not writing super-creepy flash fiction, Lovy is working her way through a massive pile of banned and censored books, reading and reviewing each for The Banned Book Vlog Project. Here's her review of "Huckleberry Finn." I think this is a worthy undertaking but I also have an ulterior motive for posting this. Just saying. You should also know that September 25th to October 2nd is Banned Books Week in the US: get your copy of And Tango Makes Three, then go to Lovy's blog to find out more.

[Edit 5.9.10: removed extremely embarrassing mistake. I don't think anyone noticed though :o ]


Dyeve said...

...and I thought I'm your twin sister..damn!:)
I know Natalie for a long the coolest from youtube and anyway,both your sisters are cool and talented.

There are many books that were censored for various reasons, real or less real but what is prohibited or banned is more
exciting even when it's about a book.

In my opinion it seems silly to censor art (literature, film, etc.). Sure in some books/ movies, maybe some scene are to harsh that"to much" for some.. but wouldn't be easier to apply a kind of ratings, or I don't know how are there called in the American least for video and PC games ..but, after all, nobody require anyone to buy a book or movie or game ...

Sci-Fi Gene said...

Come to think of it perhaps we were triplets :) Also, good point about banned things being more exciting. Rules were made to be, well, bent a bit sometimes...