Tuesday, 2 November 2010

May Be Side Effects

May Be Side Effects, a short film starring two of my favourite sometime collaborators Molly Brown and Tammy Sander, also written and directed by Molly Brown. One of the props in this film seems strangely familiar to me - I wonder how many WeightWatchers points it's worth?


Lovy Boheme said...

Happy Dia de los Muertos! That video was great. Did you get a chance to see The Walking Dead yet?

Sci-Fi Gene said...

Happy All Hallow's Eve to you Lovy! No, haven't seen The Walking Dead yet but sure I'll catch it sooner or later: meanwhile over here in the UK the austerity measures are really starting to bite and public arts funding is dwindling to nothing: the British Film Industry will be limited to producing ultra-low-budget which can mean only one thing: MORE ZOMBIE MOVIES.