Thursday, 6 January 2011

Robot High School

Searching for inspiration for 2007, I asked other bloggers over at blogcatalog to suggest favourite music videos. They came up with some absolute gems, not all of which will embed. The list included many of my own favourites plus several incredible films I'd not come across - this demonstrates just how much variety and originality there has been in the music video genre.

Category: Best Animated Fantasy (tied)
Arcadia - Missing - suggested by Hankmann

Category: Best Video Of Thom Yorke Being Drowned
Radiohead - No Surprises - suggested by samhaydenjr

Category: Hardest Working String Quartet
Bond - Explosive - suggested by dyeve

Category: Best Space Invaders Tribute
Royskopp - Happy Up Here - suggested by jaythehated

Category: I Want To Live In Your Dimension Award
Lady Gaga - Bad Romance - suggested by Lovy Boheme

Category: Best Animated Fantasy (tied)
The Presets - Girl And The Sea - suggested by xxjamberxx

Category: Best Non-CGI CGI
My Robot Friend - Robot High School - suggested by clockworkkitten

Category: Best Cowbell-Led Performance
B52s - Rock Lobster - suggested by PetLvr

With thanks for all the suggestions - there were far too many to include here! Lady Gaga and Michael Jackson were popular amongst bloggers and in addition to the works of art above we shared some comedy videos including our favourite Literal Videos.

Category: What Do You Mean That's Not Actually The Director's Commentary Award
Total Eclipse Literal Video - suggested by JaneneMurphy

Finally no music video collection would ever be complete without these guys:

Category: Best Choreography
OK Go - Here It Goes Again - suggested by tarahlynn

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indiescifi451. com said...

In case you haven't, check Massive Attack videos... They are better than most films I've seen :)

Risingson, Inertia Creeps. Falde Flags is a minimalism masterpiece.