Saturday, 1 January 2011

"2007" Update Part II: Make Room, Make Room

Happy New Year! As an amateur filmmaker, I would say the single biggest difference between amateurs and professionals in this field is: sleep. You can be an amateur filmmaker and go to sleep - of course you can! You just won't finish anything.

A second strand of the "2007" music video includes scenes that were acted out on bluescreen to represent or complement the lyrics - these plus the sound visualizations make up the B-roll or interpretative part of the video. I previously blogged about the bluescreen shoot here. The scenes take place in a virtual set - an office - where some strange things will happen. The environment was initially bare but I spent last night creating some assets to give it more of an office feel, plus to have some things to throw around when the room becomes weightless later on...

These assets appear in the background and in some scenes are defocussed:

Images produced in Blender 2.54. To be continued...

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