Friday, 28 September 2012

She's Electric! [Tears Of Steel]

The latest short film from the Blender Foundation, Tears Of Steel. It's not as emotionally affecting as last year's movie Sintel but (sob) what is? (sob) I like the plot: I like eccentricity and unnecessary-but-cool, you can never have too many evil roboticists or armies of killer robots, and the Amsterdam setting is a nice touch too.

Technically I was blown away: this live-action/CG is a world away from Sintel and shows that Blender has evolved from an animation tool into a filmmaking tool. And there's more: I understand this film was produced from start to finish using only open source software.


Reid Kemper said...

Impressive. And done with open-source software? I wonder which ones.

Sci-Fi Gene said...

From the credits: apart from Blender there are "special thanks" for these open source packages: Bullet Physics, GIMP, Python, Inkscape, Krita, Subversion, OpenEXR, OpenColourIO, OpenImage, Ubuntu, Debian.