Sunday, 9 September 2012

When The Tripods Came [London 2012]

The Paralympic Closing Ceremony tonight brings to an end a summer of inspiring sport and spectacle. I expected to enjoy the Olympics and Paralympics but I've been amazed by how much I've been drawn into the drama of it all, whether watching live athletics at the Olympic Park or following on TV or Internet.
The Olympic Stadium with its vast walls and pyramid structures reminded me of the Tripods' City.
That City was built over a river, providing a source of water for the Masters within, but also an escape route, and later an attack route for the rebels.
The Orbit could be a Tripod patrolling the countryside.
The last thing you might see before being Capped.
At sporting festivals throughout the occupied Earth, the best athletes would be carried away by the Tripods to serve the Masters either in person, or in the mines and factories of the City, their strength needed to cope with the City's artificially high gravity.
The City's power source and it's only vulnerability, the mysterious Pool of Fire.

[Pictures: Sci-Fi Gene]


Robert Morschel said...

Good photos! The last one, and the one with the tower in the grasses are my favourites.

Michele Pruitt Mish Sci Fi Musings said...

Very nice photos, I love them and hope you had a great time at the games. I enjoyed both Olympics very much! Cheers!

Sci-Fi Gene said...

Thanks so much both of you!