Tuesday, 26 February 2013

A Cat In St Albans

Film festivals are not the same - each has its own character. St. Albans Film Festival is a new event on the film calendar and it will be interesting seeing what makes it stand out. My short film (trailer here) will be playing in the category for over 18s, however it is clear from the programme that St. Albans will be an especially child-friendly festival.

Events on the programme include childrens’ stop-motion and live filmmaking workshops, feature screenings of A Cat In Paris and The Prince’s Quest, a short family film category, a talk by Barry Purves on the use of puppets in cinema, and the Mini Student Film Award for the best film made by a 5-15 year old.

It’s good to see a programme reflecting the fact that some of the greatest films of modern times are children’s films, and, hopefully, one that will inspire some future talented filmmakers. The full programme is on the festival website here.


JerseyLil said...

Thank you for the film trailers. I like “A Cat in Paris,” wow, a lot going on there! Interesting but not surprising that some of the greatest films of modern times are children’s films.

nothingprofound said...

Sounds like a fun event, sci-fi. Your trailer looks great.

Sci-Fi Gene said...

Thanks and good to hear from you JLil and NProf. I should say that St. Albans has it's own Official Festival Blogger, Kate, you can get the lowdown from her blog here:

Naturally I intend to carry out my duties as Unofficial Festival Blogger :)