Thursday, 10 June 2010

Caturday Night Fever

Update: The Bast: Secrets Of Cat Training movie website is currently down for maintenance. Dogs may or may not be to blame. On the plus side - and this is very cool! - Bast now has an IMDb entry.

I also wrote a piece about working with Paddington for the Real Bloggers United group blog and this will appear later in June. Post production continues - the schedule slipped heavily due to some Real Life stuff but there will now be a finished film in July.

With thanks to clockworkkitten for the title pun. Cats rule!

[edit: main website now back on the air]


Dyeve said...

Aww!Sweeeet Life!That's 1000 points!
I'm outta here! purrrrrrrr.......;))

but - Gratz ♥! for IMBD entry.

Sci-Fi Gene said...