Monday, 23 August 2010

Ever Get That Sinking Feeling? [Titanic II Week]

Titanic Days by Kirsty Maccoll (1959-2000) is an epic song from the album of the same name. There doesn't appear to have been an official promotional video and I couldn't find any live performances either, but you can listen to the song at we7.


Dyeve said...

cool song very relaxing and pleasant. thanks for the idea \i didn't know about it.

I downloaded "totally" now from a site - smiles
Oh, God! It's so lovely to hear the seaguils in the finally of this song and remember sea again ..

la-♪. ♫♥♪.-la- ♫♥♪.-la ♫♥♪.-la-♫♥


Sci-Fi Gene said...

Will I be saved
Will I be saved