Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Mock Mock Horror [Titanic II Week]

Please welcome my Guest Blogger Amanda, of Jigsaw's Lair. Irish horror fans Amanda and Jigsaw started their blog around the same time I did and over the past year and a half have watched - and reviewed - an impressive number of horror films (and, curiously, a few episodes of Hell's Kitchen.) I asked Amanda to come up with her own selection of mockbusters from the horror genre:

Have you ever seen a movie which has a plot suspiciously like a big blockbuster you have seen? Mockbusters are lookalikes of blockbuster films and sometimes, they can be a lot of fun! Horror mockbusters are plentiful too. Let me begin with one of the best ones. Paranormal Activity was a hit movie which was in the vein of The Blair Witch Project. I bet you haven't seen Paranormal Entity! Halloween was a classic slasher, but Halloween Night is the mockbuster!! When A Killer Calls is a tribute to When A Stranger Calls. Are You Scared is eerily like the Saw movies.

The Hitcher was a classic unlike The Hitchhiker - same plot. One of my favourites is Hillside Cannibals which is a doppelganger of The Hills Have Eyes. These movies may not be classics but they are worth a look just for the fun of it! Oh yes, don't forget Monster, which is a lookalike of Cloverfield!!!!! These movies should be enough to keep you entertained!

Thanks Amanda! I'll post my own thoughts about mockbusters shortly, just to note I also enjoyed Monster which is reviewed here; also Paranormal Entity, mentioned above, was directed by Shane Van Dyke - who went on to become the director of Titanic II. Be sure to check out Jigsaw's Lair to satisfy your horror movie cravings!


Dyeve said...

I sow few movies already listed by you here.."Helloween, Helloween Night,When A Stranger Calls" but I must admit - you're addicted forever and ever to all is horror, sci-fi, and ..did I miss something? smiles

And yes,you won your bet.I haven't seen yet "Paranormal Activity" and yes,thxs for Amanda, of Jigsaw's Lair..(cool site, indeed!)

Sci-Fi Gene said...

Esti cel mai tare din parcare!

It's not true that I only watch sci-fi and horror. I'm very fond of sci-fi horror, horror sci-fi, and also those horror movies with a science fiction setting...