Sunday, 29 August 2010

Who is Shane Van Dyke? [Titanic II Week]

A message to everyone who sailed with me on Titanic II Week, I hope you've had a pleasant voyage. It's been a lot of fun writing these posts. I had hoped to bring you a review of Titanic II along the way but it hasn't been possible - in retrospect, shipping the review copy to me across the Atlantic by sea might have been asking for trouble...

Shane Van Dyke, director and star of Titanic II, comes from a hard-grafting cinematic dynasty: the Van Dykes. His grandfather Dick Van Dyke cut a swathe through Hollywood as cheery Cockney chimney sweep Bert in the classic witchcraft horror Mary Poppins. In his later years he would also become known as Dr. Mark Sloan of the long-running series Diagnosis: Murder. Dick Van Dyke's son Barry and another grandson Carey also worked on Diagnosis: Murder, Shane's aunt Stacy Van Dyke made a guest appearance, and the Happy Families set was completed when Shane himself appeared as medical student Alex Smith.

Shane has worked on other Asylum movies: he appears in Transmorphers: Fall Of Man which he also wrote, and Paranormal Entity which he also directed. I'm pleased to report that according to IMDb his next film Super Shark is in post production - you can never have enough films about sharks. What has the rest of the dynasty been up to? Shane and Carey Van Dyke also co-wrote The Day The Earth Stopped with Darren Dalton. You can look forward to seeing Carey again in Mega Python Vs Gatoroid, alongside Debbie Gibson and Tiffany who, contrary to popular belief, have not been cast in the title roles.

Source: IMDb


Dyeve said...

After I spent a week and I enjoyed all the information full of interesting things you offered your site ( I agre only with that) , now I need to see the "monster movie" with serious budget, special effects, tsunami waves or, terrible suspense and action, probably next mega blockbusters and a box office success.

That would be a parody, or farce, but you said is not ...( so I trust you a bit..) maybe Jack could raise helped by Captain Nemo who bloody will save him or a Russian submarine or kinda like this ..but ..

Err ... end is somewhat predictable, right? ^

The only good thing that I choose from all this week with Sci-Fi and Gene .. bouth or three of you - smiles, was when I threw one eye or two or . both in here! That’s all! You;ll never convince me – that this one will be better than the first one. Ever. Niciodata!Am zis! (ditto)
Stay in tune ..for terrorrrr! I'll be back!

PS_ and I don’t like any , nor Shane Van Dyke or his father either. Period with : P

Sci-Fi Gene said...

You're entitled to your opinion: but I don't understand how you can not love Barry Van Dyke. Also, didn't you think the ending of Titanic I was predictable too?

I'm sure like me you're looking forward to Titanic III now ;)

Dyeve said...

Oh, my! C'mon give me a break! Why should I need another freaky movie again? Titanic III? No, thanks! :-)
Ask–plead for God to not happen again, pls..

I want and I'm wishing to be an Inception II ..or Splice II ..this kinda of movies ..or, K another Titanic III or Titanic X but with the same actors or at least others as nice as they were..

PS_ How about this combination: Angelina (or other actrice you like) with Channing Tatum?

Sci-Fi Gene said...

Titanic X: wow, you think BIG. Still there are 11 Star Trek films and 5 Star Wars films (6 if you count Ewoks: Caravan of Courage) and even Bambi II - so there's no reason Titanic shouldn't go on aaaand oooooooon... how about a TV mini-series? a Nintendo Wii Irish dancing game? bath toys?

Sci-Fi Gene said...

Angelina who?

Anonymous said...

Hmm im sorry but this is a load of dog poo.
I have been reading some of the comment and im rather interested in how someone could find this film remotely entertaining, it had a buget?
well if it did I think someone has been skimming the cream of the bottle cap.
Cheap CGI that looks like something out of a comic, the acting was stiff and certainly didnt deserve a second look, and guess what the ending was a predictable as the first
At least in the first movie we had a story to work with, this sadly has nothing more than a self centered boy trying to fill his father and grandfathers shoes.
I mean come on.. he did the screen play, he stars in the main male role and he directed it.

What was Asylum thinking?

poor acting/ poor screen play / Cgi, just dont go there and the directing was limited at best.

Sorry Shane but if your serious about this career then I think that you should concentrate on one role in the industry instead of trying to do everthing.

overall if I was on imdb I would post a rating so I will answer it in these kind remarks.

Its so poor that I couldnt possible rate this, as it was less than B movie and more D

Sci-Fi Gene said...

Anonymous: thanks for posting your review. I can't agree or disagree as I've yet to see the film. I also note Ebert has yet to review it! I'll be giving Titanic II a break now but I'll try and round up some of the other reviews some time in the next few weeks.

You asked "What was Asylum thinking?" - were you comparing this to other Asylum releases that you enjoyed more? And were you expecting better things from this film? Just curious - I obviously have a soft spot for these B (and D) movies & it's interesting to hear from other people who also watch them.

Anonymous said...

I have watched this movie and its plastic at best, in fact the best part is in the ending, im not going to add any spoilers.

As for Asylum they have produced some really good movies, so im rather surprised that they would take a film that is so bad onboard (sorry couldnt help myself)but there are so many to choose from ...
Snakes on a Train
War of the worlds

all very much B style movies or as they tend to like to call them Z movies.

I like this type of movie simply because its just that simple with a low budget, but with all the hype of the original Titanic how could they possibly see a commision in this movie, they may as well be p'in all the cash against a wall.

but enough on that matter, im off to the cinema today... not sure what I will be watching but im sure it wont be a second run at this.

Ive been to see quite a few films in ppast few weeks and the last really bad review that I wropte was for The Last Airbender (Imdb)

so for fun I might just go and see that The Last Exorcisim or maybe I will finally go see the The Sorerer's Apprentice.

well I look forward to reading your next review and almost certainly posting some comments on it.

Sci-Fi Gene said...

Good to hear from another person who appreciates simple low-budget fun (or another sfg-deficiency sufferer?) and I'll look out for your reviews too. For my part, watch this space for reviews of both Sherlock Holmes movies, plus my homework for tonight is to see the 100% medically accurate "Human Centipede (First Sequence.)"

Anonymous said...

Holmes is a good movie but I didnt likie it, strayed too far from the real sherlock stories for me, but I look forward to the reviews.

btw do waste your good hard earned cash on going to see The Last Exorcism, im not even going to bother giving my comments on it as I fell asleep in the middle and woke for the anti climatic ending.

Big D said...

"Megapython vs Gatoroid" is sitting on my DVD shelf as I write this.
I enjoyed it rather a lot.

Um, I'm not entirely sure I'd want to watch Titanic II though.